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Recent in Efficacy/Claims Substantiation (page 29 of 38)

When Acne Attacks, Hexylresorcinol and Ethyl Linoleate Fight Back (part I)

A Sunny Proposition: The Effects of Sun on Hair

Is ‘Anti-pollution’ Just a Ruse?

A Great Barrier, Enhanced: A Review of Oral PUFA Supplements for Skin

Study Proves: Our Age Clocks are Not Synchronized

The Microbiome: Our Greatest Challenge or Best Opportunity?

Top 3 Secret (and Sexy) Formulating Trends

Wet Skin Factor for Sunscreens: An In vitro Method, Part II

Uniquely Stable Emulsions Revealed Through Freeze-fracture Transmission Electron Microscopy

In vivo Delivery Confirmation: Measuring the Deposition of Salicylic Acid from Anti-acne Face Wash

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