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Could Bakuchiol Be Retinol's Match?

Anti-agers may have a new play in the wrinkle-reduction game. Bakuchiol was shown in a recent study to match the established benefits of retinol.

[video] Dry Shampoo Efficacy: A Clinical Study

According to Julie Fichot, Ph.D., of Church & Dwight, not all dry shampoos are created equally. In this video interview, she presents efficacy and sensory findings from clinical and consumer studies of the Batiste product. Watch now!

Words from Wiechers: The Power of Suggestion

In this edition of our Words from Wiechers series, the late author explains the power of belief in product efficacy—and why products should be evaluated based on the perceived value they deliver to consumers.

Industry Insight: Validating the Naturals Phenomenon

Burt’s Bees may be best known for its lip balm, but things could change if Celeste Lutrario has it her way. Read on, in this excerpt from our exclusive podcast.

Words from Wiechers: Much Ado About Nothing

In this edition of the Words from Wiechers series, the late author explores product and ingredient claims, placebo studies and test designs to ensure claims are accurately substantiated.

[video] Big Step Forward for Anti-pollution Claims

New methods have been developed to test for anti-pollution efficacy in vitro and in vivo, to substantiate anti-pollution claims. Jean Krutmann, M.D., provided insight on this topic during the recent IID conference. Watch now!

[podcast] Naturals and Synthetics: On Even Ground?

Burt’s Bees may be best known for its lip balm but things are about to change; at least, if Celeste Lutrario, vice president of research and development for the company, has it her way.

Body Talk: Defining Volume, A Technical Dissertation on Hair Body and Volume

Consumer definitions of hair volume and body differ from their scientific counterparts, while both remain vague. This column discusses challenges concerning the study of hair volume and body, including the influences of hair coloring and styling.

[video] Skin Whitening Market and Research Insights

The skin lightening market is expected to reach US $24 billion by 2027. However, the market could face limitations due a lack of clinical efficacy evidence. As such, research including that demonstrated by Amway, in this video, will be crucial to keep the momentum moving.

The New Stir in Anti-aging: Small-chain Algal Peptides to Regulate Sulfur

Sulfur regulators such as small chain peptides (SCPs) and sulfide donors are an untapped sector for cosmetic science. The present work explores a natural compound to up-regulate cellular sulfur, affect the cell cycle and reduce signs of aging.

Words from Wiechers on 'Snake Oil Sellers'

Now more than ever, "snake oil sellers" have access to consumers, which may be, in part, why the industry is consistently under attack. In this first installment of our new "Words from Wiechers" series, column editor Tony O'Lenick shares lessons for the betterment of both formulas and the industry's overall credibility.

[podcast] Author Commentary: Fabio Apone, Ph.D., on Cold Stress Skin Damage

The mechanisms of cold stress damage in skin are a new focus for cosmetics research. In his January 2018 article, Fabio Apone, Ph.D., explains these mechanisms; in relation, in this Author Commentary podcast, he shares what drove his team’s interest in this area and the next steps. Listen now!

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