EU and US Discuss Animal Testing

A framework has been established between the European Union (EU) and the United States that is expected to produce greater cooperation in the cosmetic and personal care industry. EU leaders met with President George W. Bush last week to discuss trade cooperation in addition to other topics. One of the main topics discussed was animal testing in personal care.

Leaders from both groups came to the conclusion that they want to focus on animal testing in personal care. In that focus, the two want to use the cooperation to establish unified testing regulation, find a suitable alternative to animal testing and eventually eliminate animal testing all together.

As a result of the framework, a more integrated transatlantic economy will be created. Benefits expected out of the framework include lighter restrictions and regulations. Included in these lighter restrictions will be the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Authorities believe that the better cooperation between the EU and the United States will result in more successful trade of personal care products between the two. Animal testing is outlawed in Europe, whereas in the United States, animal testing is much more lenient. No conclusions were made at the meeting, but discussions are ongoing.

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