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DevaCurl Slapped with Class-action Lawsuit

The Manhattan Federal court suit states various DevaCurl products have caused "scalp irritation, excessive shedding, hair loss, thinning, breakage and/or balding during normal use."

Kao Raises Shield Against Dust and Pollen in Hair

Kao Corp. presented new findings on the adhesion and negative effects of dust and pollen in hair. From this, researchers designed a shampoo and conditioning system to suppress this adhesion based on an oil-absorbing polymer.

Targeting Texture: Adapted Combing Test to Assess Curly Hair Product Efficacy

Changes in hair styling practices have increased the demand for hair products to maintain naturally textured hair condition and health. In relation, the current work aimed to develop test methods using naturally textured hair to assess products and ingredients specified for these hair types.

CBD in Effect: Correlating In vitro and Ex vivo Skin Benefits

Primary biological functions of the skin barrier, immune system, lipids, free radicals and extracellular matrix are, in fact, impacted by CBD, as a poster and podium presentation by Genemarkers at SCC Annual demonstrated.

Patch Testing, Irritation and Sensitization: Safety Testing in Cosmetics

An online exclusive by Anjali Salvi, Ph.D. about product safety and what needs to be done for consumers. Salvi discusses how regional conditions, intended use of the product and method of application can be a huge factor in determining product safety for consumers worldwide.

Kao Takes the Heat Off Infrared-exposed Skin

By focusing on principle factors related to light wave interference, Kao researchers have identified a means to selectively block the NIR wavelength.

Electric Effects: EI to Measure Skin Barrier Defects

Researchers at the Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research have identified a method based on small electrical pulses that could measure skin barrier defects.

Greenbrier International/Dollar Tree Flagged for Acne Pad Import Violations

FDA inspections revealed violations at multiple foreign manufacturers that supply acne pads and drugs to the company's distribution network.

Clinical Confirmation: Multi-step Routines Deliver Better Benefits to Skin

The goal of this study was to clinically compare the effects of using a multi-step skin care routine versus a select few products from the same range. Results suggest the advanced routine improved aspects of facial skin several times greater than a simple routine.

PETA Adds Avon to Working for Regulatory Change List

This list comprises companies recognized for their demonstrated, ongoing commitment to promoting the development, validation and regulatory acceptance of non-animal methods.

Kao and Preferred Networks Use AI and RNA for Beauty Counseling

Kao Corp. and Preferred Networks, Inc., have launched a collaborative project based on AI for practical applications of sebum RNA monitoring to build a beauty counseling service committed to skin conditions.

[video] Understanding Adhesion of Pollution Particles to Skin

University of Le Havre researchers sought to better understand the adhesion mechanism of pollution particles to skin. Here, Lívia Salomao Calixto, Ph.D., explains their study design and findings, presented at the IFSCC Conference in Milano.

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