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[video] LC-MS/MS Applied to Cosmetic Ingredients

Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) can serve as a foundation from which to build innovative cosmetic ingredients. In this video, scientists at Silab showed Cosmetics & Toiletries just how they implement it in their work.

BASF Tool Analyzes Sun Care's Environmental Impact

The methodology evaluates the environmental compatibility of UV filters in order to help brands create more sustainable sun care.

China Adds Animal Testing Exemption for Cosmetics to its Agenda

It seems that China is now open discussion, even more than before, to the idea of exempting some cosmetic products from the animal testing requirement, according to one blog.

Biomimetic Pore to Make Testing 'No Sweat'

The device shows, in real-time, the efficacy of a product on sweat and sebum in skin pores.

[video] Standardized Test to Assess Anti-irritant, After-sun Gel

While these researchers could not prove the efficacy of the after-sun gel, they did establish the first-known, standardized approach to assess the efficacy of an after-sun product. Learn more from the video.

Lost in Extraction: DNA Reveals the Impact of Filtering on Sand Daffodil Extract Traceability

The authentication and traceability of natural raw materials have been a recent focus in several industries. Here, four specific markers in materials derived from Pancratium maritimum, also known as sand daffodil or sea lily, are examined using DNA barcoding and metabarcoding. Results reveal the plant DNA, and therefore traceability, is largely degraded before entering cosmetic compositions.

Estée Lauder Expands Partnerships with Humane Society, Cruelty Free International

The organizations are working together to “foster meaningful and sustainable change to cosmetic animal testing in countries where it is still practiced or mandated.”

Defending Integrity: Microemulsion to Restore Bleached and Dyed Hair Properties

Unlike skin, hair lacks regenerative properties, so it is important introduce components during bleaching and color treatments that preserve and maintain hair’s structure. The present article proposes a bis-PCA dimethicone solution, which acts via novel bonding mechanisms to impart cumulative strengthening in chemically treated hair.

Grooming Habits: A New Focus for Ethnic Care

Product developers often develop hair solutions for a specific ethnic market; however, fundamentally, hair structures are the same. The present article proposes how grooming habits, along with drastic variations within a single head of hair, should be considered.

[video] Student Poster: The Effects of Blue Light on Skin

Lisa Stevens, of Azelis and the University of Cincinnati, explained her research on the effects of blue light in skin during in the most recent TeamWorks conference and exhibition.

MilliporeSigma’s Antioxidant Standards

These cosmetic standards are used as a vital step in ensuring product safety and performance.

[podcast] Synesthesia Unlocks Experience Design for Consumer Products

"There’s sort of an emerging science here that’s exciting and experiential: we’re moving into a space of experience design that goes beyond a product," says Charles Spence, Ph.D. Learn more from this free podcast series, sponsored by Berjé.

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