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Unilever Reports CPC Mouthwash Reduces COVID-19 by 99%

Unilever commissioned an in vitro study on its cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) mouthwash that showed it could reduce the viral load of COVID-19 in users by 99%.

Sabinsa Serum Clinically Proven to Prevent Hair Loss

Sabinsa has published a study in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology showing successful results for its health serum in adults experiencing hair thinning and loss.

Study Reveals Factorial Model to Predict O/W Emulsion Stability

A study published in the Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmacognosy Research confirmed an approach to predict the physical stability and quality of o/w cosmetic emulsions using full factorial design.

Kao Dually Visualizes Vessels, Capillaries in Deep Skin Tissue

An imaging technique based on an automatic visual extraction technology has been developed by Kao Corp to simultaneously collect capillary and blood vessel information. This will further skin care research.

TriNutra Study Confirms B’utyQuin’s Skin-boosting Properties

TriNutra has released recent findings of its anti-aging ingredient, B’utyQuin, underlining the ingredient’s ability to boost mitochondrial functions, respiration, metabolism and energy production.

Calming the Storm: Cannabis Sativa Cell Culture Extract Eases Neurogenic Inflammation

The field cultivation of hemp is tasked by today’s large scale demand. Here, a Cannabis sativa cell culture extract is proposed as a sustainable alternative. Furthermore, after initial characterization, the extract was tested for efficacy against inflammatory markers for skin-soothing activities.

PETA’s Wheeler Scholarship Supports Non-Animal Testing

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator, Andrew Wheeler, is honored by PETA by naming a new research grant after his late mother. This grant aids in the development of using animal-alternative testing methods.

Words from Wiechers: What You Say is What You Get

This installment of "Words from Wiechers" explores what we see and say about cosmetic products, and cautions to not make “conclusions” that are simply that—conclusions, without underlying science.

BASF Develops Tests to Verify Anti-pollution Product Efficacy

BASF has developed a multifaceted approach to test the ability of products to protect skin against environmental pollution. The in vivo and in vitro tests target four core mechanisms of action: anti-adhesion, removability, anti-penetration and cleansing.

Path Uncovered to Create Dermal Papilla-like Cells and Advance Hair Follicle Growth

Researchers from a group of universities in China have uncovered an approach to convert dermal fibroblasts into dermal papilla cell-like cells to advance hair follicle regeneration.

Mitigating 'Maskne:' Boldo to Balance Sebum, Bacteria and Redness in Acneic Skin

Peumus boldus (boldo) extract was tested for effects on sebum production, S. aureus growth and C. acnes lipase activity in vitro, as well as on skin redness in vivo. This work aimed to develop a natural ingredient to control sebum, inhibit microbes and their activity, and reduce redness in acne-αfflicted skin.

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