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Glowing Review: Monk Fruit Encourages Epigenetic Well Aging

Monk fruit extract can be used in a holistic approach to target mature skin. It improves physical and emotional well-being by balancing the skin's epigenetic signature to achieve homeostasis. In this article, the effects of a monk fruit extract are tested on dermal structure, hyaluronic acid and skin radiance. Artificial intelligence also is used to assess its emotional impact on the quality of life in mature women.

Lasting Impression: A Consumer-centric Approach to Measure Transfer-proof Lipstick

Described here is the development of a test method combining consumer input with instrumental measurements to assess the transfer-proof performance of lipsticks. Three lipsticks with varying transfer-resistance efficacy are then put to the test using this method.

DSM Maps Changes in Facial Sebum, Microbiome Post-botanical Treatment

DSM mapped changes in facial sebum and the microbiome after treatment with an Epilobium fleischeri-based sebum inhibitor. Results were presented in a poster during the 25th IFSCC.

Kao's Fine Fiber Tech Shields Skin, Lifts Away Contaminants

Kao Corp. researchers have identified the skin benefits of its sprayable, ultra thin Fine Fiber Technology, including pollution and chafing protection, and sebum-absorbing effects.

Silab Develops 3D Model Mimicking Acneic Skin

Published in Experimental Dermatology, Silab's 3D in vitro model of acneic skin was recently characterized and offers a screening tool for acne treatments.

Codex Beauty Launches Consumer-facing Efficacy Testing Label

Codex Beauty Labs has launched product labeling to easily communicate the testing behind its products to consumers.

Simple and Sensorial: Amino-modified Silicone Protects and Revives Hair

Multifunctional ingredients can simplify hair care routines by offering protection, performance and sensory benefits in one step. Herein, a terminal hydroxy amino-modified silicone is tested for its effects on hair breakage, drying time, wet and dry combing, colorfastness and more.

Torrey Pines Debuts EchoTherm CO50 HPLC Column Chiller/Heater

Torrey Pines Scientific, Inc., has debuted its EchoTherm Model CO50 Programmable HPLC Column Chiller/Heater, which has a temperature range from 4.0°C to 100.0°C.

VesCir Presents AI-driven ‘iCI’ Skin Care System at CES 2021

During CES 2021, VesCir presented an AI-driven “iCI” skin care system that uses science and real-time data to create a solution for skin concerns.

'Ordinary' French Cosmetics Become the First to Bypass China’s Animal Testing Mandate

France has become the first country in the EU to export “ordinary” cosmetics to China without testing on animals.

Kao and Tsukuba Univ. Scientists Devise Technique to Visualize the Depths of Skin Wrinkling

Joint research from Kao Corp. and Tsukuba University aims to uncover the depths of structural changes in skin related to wrinkling utilizing an imaging technique that algorithmically localizes backscattered light from skin into layers.

Soothing Moves: Cannabis Sativa Cell Culture Alleviates Inflammation

The field cultivation of hemp is tasked by today’s large-scale demand. Here, a Cannabis sativa cell culture extract is proposed as a sustainable alternative. After initial characterization, the extract was tested as described here for efficacy against inflammatory markers for skin-soothing activities.

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