Seaweed/ZnO Composite Shows Antibacterial Efficacy


'The Antibacterial Activity of Seaweed-ZnO Composites' is explored in a recent book chapter published in The Encyclopedia of Marine Biotechnology. 

The chapter summary outlines how seaweeds are a natural resource for polyphenols, vitamins, peptides and polysaccharides, which are useful in foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. And, how in recent years, zinc oxide (ZnO) nanocrystal materials have gained interest for their novel technological applications.

Taken together, the authors explain how to create seaweed‐ZnO composites. The chapter explores the physico-chemical properties of these materials and shows their efficacy to inhibit the growth of E.coli and S. aureus. As such, the composites are proposed for food package manufacturing and water purification; might they also benefit cosmetics?

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