Lessonia Eyes Microbead Replacements


France, Canada and the United States are among the list of countries jumping to ban the manufacturing and sale of personal care and beauty products that contain polyethylene microbeads.

Lessonia, maker of over 150 natural exfoliators, has named 2017 a crucial year for the industry to replace polyethylene due to its harmful effects on the environment. The company stressed the need for a natural and biodegradable alternative, adding that a better solution exists for projects across the board.

Lessonia’s alternatives include:

  • Shells and kernels (almond, argan, walnut, coconut)
  • Fruit (apple, pomegranate, orange, cranberry)
  • Minerals (garnet, pearl, volcanic sand, quartz)
  • Herbs and spices (cocoa, coffee, ginger, rice)
  • Seeds (blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, kiwi)
  • Flowers and leaves (camomilla, lavender, cornflower, rosemary)
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