May 2023

This issue of C&T responds to several trends in the "pro-youth" space. Ezure probes biology for answers to sagging, identifying shrinking sweat glands as a novel target. Prajammuang, et al., explore detachable microneedles to deliver retinol and other actives into skin for youthful effects without accumulation or irritation. Biotech and fermentation-derived ingredients with skin brightening, antioxidant, hydrating, probiotic, … etc., benefits are described by Johnson, while Deola and Lionetti take a skin health approach, explaining how to formulate for compromised skin. This month’s Expert Opinions is also rich with ideas for the anti-aging category; e.g., stress management, precision targeting, the holobiont, senescence, the medicalization of products and more. As a bonus this month we also address scalp care, which continues to draw consumer interest.