Cosmetics & Toiletries Issue Archive

Cosmetics & Toiletries November 2021 - CT2111-12
November 2021 - CT2111-12
Mashing up movements in diversity, fashion and function, this month’s issue of Cosmetics & Toiletries first advocates for inclusive beauty with a feature focused on aging in Black facial skin. It also examines lip glosses for lasting effects and "X-free" nail polish ingredient claims. Additionally, a systematic approach is described to evaluate and optimize anti-pollution products, and the big question of whether preservatives affect the skin microbiome is answered. Finally, drivers for dermocosmetics and compromised skin care are shared in our Expert Opinions. We hope our latest edition inspires the formulas you fashion to meet evolving consumer expectations.
Cosmetics & Toiletries October 2021 - CT2110
October 2021 - CT2110
This issue of C&T embraces several facets of the wellness space, starting with a novel approach to design fragrance that elicits emotion in consumers. Also, sultaines are presented as a safe and sustainable surfactant option. Well aging is a major focus as well. We take a deep dive into internal and external aging and present nutricosmetic solutions. A TCM-inspired extract of Ganoderma lucidum is explored to “reset” skin’s epigenetic clock. Also, we examine the sensation of touch to promote well aging; and experts weigh in on holistic approaches to anti-aging. We hope this month’s collection supports the wellness of your cosmetic R&D projects.
Cosmetics & Toiletries September 2021 - CT2109
September 2021 - CT2109
This month’s Cosmetics & Toiletries (C&T) explores film-formers and related reinforcements to detoxify and secure skin. Topics range from the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of film-forming polysaccharides; and films and other approaches for transfer-resistant makeup; to Inula helenium extract to improve skin’s defenses. Additionally outlined are EU/UK regulations for endocrine disruptors and PFAS, and a proposal to shift industry parlance from "clean" to "safe." Lastly, industry experts share insights on purifying and rebalancing skin. We hope this issue reinforces C&T as your go-to resource for cosmetics R&D.
Cosmetics & Toiletries July 2021 - CT2107/08
July 2021 - CT2107/08
This month’s Cosmetics & Toiletries (C&T) is focused on the future direction of our industry: responsible beauty. Clean, natural and sustainable remain prominent but have extended to include circular and responsible tenets. Enabling this progression are innovations and ideas such as those presented here, including: plant-derived eco-friendly photoprotection, upcycled artichoke anti-aging, natural and vegan-derived hair colorants, water-conscious formulating and more. We hope you enjoy this responsibly sourced edition of C&T.
Cosmetics & Toiletries June 2021 - CT2106
June 2021 - CT2106
This month’s C&T is heavily focused on hair, with features on dyeing it, protecting/nourishing it and managing dandruff. The issue also provides the latest updates on hand sanitizers; EU/UK regulations for microplastics, siloxanes and the Green Deal; and South Korea, India and China legislation. Lastly, we continue our “preservation during production” discussion with part III in our series, covering bulk production. We hope our latest issue gives you highlights in hair that strengthen and bond with your R&D efforts.
Cosmetics & Toiletries May 2021 - CT2105
May 2021 - CT2105
This month’s C&T focuses heavily on skin health; from differences in lipids across age and ethnicity, to facets of the skin microbiome. It also takes us "back to the basics" with a closer look at pH and antioxidants. Finally, the issue continues last month's "preservation during production" discussion with case studies in raw materials. Read on to learn more about these topics!
Cosmetics & Toiletries April 2021 - CT2104
April 2021 - CT2104
This month’s C&T focuses heavily on aging and sun protection, starting with the biology of body skin and how it ages, and working up to the face with a hyaluronic and retinoic acid conjugate for aging and acne. A cleaner and simpler approach to sun protection is described, and ideas for full spectrum protection are offered in our “Expert Opinions” piece. Finally, we debut a “Preservation Focus” section this month and we offer a unique look at inclusive beauty from the eyes of the blind and visually impaired consumers. We hope this edition provides you insights on skin aging, sun protection and more in a new light.
Cosmetics & Toiletries March 2021 - CT2103
March 2021 - CT2103
This issue of Cosmetics & Toiletries nicely fits the market predictors of well-being, value/quality, technology and eco/surroundings for 2021. It explores monk fruit for well aging, positive emotions and a healthy glow; transfer-proof cosmetics; litchi peel for skin brightening; playful and engaging product textures; and a diagnostic tool to marry heredity with lifestyle for product customization; among others. Read on to learn more. Consumer needs are moving targets, especially during uncertain times. But there’s one constant: the human factor. So if all else fails, we can look within.
Cosmetics & Toiletries February 2021 - CT2102
February 2021 - CT2102
Hair care has withstood the test of COVID-19—and this month's C&T highlights this category from root to tip. First, it presents a "Scalp Biology 101" feature, and proposes an approach to selective scalp cleansing. Also highlighted is a technology to protect and restore hair's condition, sensorially. It then delves into formulating sustainable hair conditioners and preserving textured hair care. Finally, it explores a natural solubilizer and preservative booster for clear systems. We hope this issue stands steady to support your hair care development efforts.
Cosmetics & Toiletries January 2021 - CT2101
January 2021 - CT2101
It has been predicted that moving forward, the cosmetics and personal care market will turn in two directions: technically advanced, “prescription-like” beauty; or “clean” and natural with proven efficacy. The market in between, not fully dedicated to one of these, is expected to shrink. The current issue of C&T presents information in both directions. It also starts off the New Year with optimism to embrace the opportunities created by dire circumstances, knowing the industry is well-equipped to respond and excel in all directions.
Cosmetics & Toiletries November 2020 - CT2011/12
November 2020 - CT2011/12
The color cosmetics market is “down but not out,” as the saying goes, and the current issue pays tribute to this segment as well as the related sensory space. For example, it describes: how to formulate natural and vegan lipsticks; tenets crucial to halal nail polish; and advances in hair dye. Additionally outlined are the checks and balances for fragrance allergens, approaches to engage the “mosaic” of consumer senses, and the conclusion to our ongoing hand hygiene discussion.
Cosmetics & Toiletries October 2020 - CT2010
October 2020 - CT2010
Skin afflictions such as "maskne" are nothing new but under the COVID-19 lens, like many newly discovered consumer needs, they have come into focus. This issue is heavily focused on "maskne," including approaches to prevent and treat it, and to care for the underlying sensitive skin. It also highlights a multi-targeted antioxidant for anti-aging effects; explains ways to balance aesthetics and efficacy in inorganic sunscreens; continues the hand hygiene discussion; and offers a soothing skin formulary.