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Rituals Blossoms With The Ritual of Sakura Collection

The collection comprises bath and home fragrance products that provide users with "the delicate sweetness of cherry blossoms," according to Rituals.

Texturizer Launches Gattefossé into Hair Care

Gattefossé's biodegradable texturizing agent is intended to inhibit frizz and other unwelcome effects of climatic conditions, and marks the company's hair care debut.

Sally Beauty Launches ion Intensive Shine At-home Hair Color Kits

"Up until now, Sally Beauty has only sold professional color, separate from developer and separate from the accessories needed to complete the task. If our customers desire a box color option, we now have provided that option."

Fast-growing Skin Care Market Attracts Palladio Beauty

Palladio Beauty's four face masks include Calm Clean Pure Detoxifying Charcoal Mask, Radiant Youthful Glow Brightening Peel Off Mask, Happy Healthy Hydrated Moisturizing Mask and Smooth Soft Polished Exfoliating Mask.

Why Consumers Believe 'Green' Misinformation

What is greenwashing, and how does it make natural formulations so appealing with consumers? Read more on this, plus takes on natural textures and sunscreen, in this exclusive interview.

Maybelline Branches Out From Color with Lash Serum Launch

Lash Sensational Boosting Serum contains arginine, acid proteins and pro vitamin B5, all of which are used to fortify the lashes while preventing damage and fallouts.

Head to Toes With Givaudan’s Multisensory Product Collection

The collection of products will feature four products that combine functional cosmetics with fine fragrances.

Are Natural Cosmetics Still Relevant?

Today's consumers are demanding increased ingredient transparency, a factor that helps to drive the naturals sector. Click through for an exclusive Q&A on the mechanics of natural cosmetics.

Patent Pick: Low UV Content Reaches New SPF Heights

Achieving high SPF and UVAPF levels with low total amounts of sunscreens remains an industry challenge, which is why Unilever inventors, in a new patent, have attempted to balance this equation.

Virgin Hair Restored via Ashland Polymer

Intended to restore the appearance of virgin, undamaged hair, Ashland's polymer utilizes a novel conditioning mechanism.

Supplier Roundtable: Proxy Formulating—Using Alternative Ingredients

In this Supplier Roundtable, suppliers were challenged with the question of how to utilize "proxy" ingredients to keep up with market trends and on top of ingredient controversy.

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