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Supplier Roundtable: Hitting the Rheology Bullseye

Cosmetic sensory experiences can convey efficacy to consumers while contributing to product benefits. In this installment of the Cosmetics & Toiletries Supplier Roundtable, innovators weighed in on how to create these pleasing textures.

'Planti-perspirant,' Hair Damage Control and Makeup Eraser Debuted by Chemyunion

Taking it from the top, pivoting in an "about-face" and moshing with the pits, Chemyunion debuted three dynamic innovations to equip formulating chemists with new moves.

Kat Von D Asks Fans for Help Creating New Eyeliner

The limited preview quantity of Liner X will only be available while supplies last.

Taiki USA Launches Animal-free Brushes and K-beauty Wipes

Taiki USA has launched new brushes utilizing Tafre, a patented alternative to animal-based fibers, and six wipes and pads for face, hair and body.

Pollution Defense from Mibelle Biochemistry's Depolluphane EpiPlus

The ingredient comprises an organic cress sprout extract and artichoke extract paired with a polysaccharide complex to address the dulling of complexions resulting from environmental pollution.

Read the Label: SVR Laboratoires Sensifine Crème

This hydrating gel-cream is specially developed to help soothe and comfort allergic and hypersensitive skin. This column will review the ingredient listing for claims substantiation and functionality.

Colonial Chemical Inc.’s ColaLipid GS

This multifunctional ingredient is derived from grapeseed oil to provide a velvety texture to a variety of products, including skin and hair care.

Bio-Botanica Inc.’s Bladderwrack Frond

Grown in the North Atlantic, this antioxidant marine ingredient is rich in minerals and is reportedly effective against skin conditions such as eczema and acne.

Biosil Technologies’ Biowax

This series of water-soluble silicones offer texture modification, secondary emulsification and slip and cushion to a variety of applications.

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics’ Biophilic H

A natural emulsifier, this ingredient work to moisturize skin while enhancing the penetration of active ingredients for improved efficacy.

Arista Industries, Inc.’s Powder Form Oils

These powders are infused with oils for use in scrubs, personal care and skin care products.

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