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At First Blush: An Overview of the Male Cosmetics Market

The history of male cosmetics is a long one, which is why it is surprising the market is slow to accept it as a norm, and instead treats it as relatively new. The present article provides examples of male cosmetics from history as well as gives an update on male cosmetics today, including essentials to the South Korean beauty regime and favorites from Europe and the United States.

Infant Skin: Caring for Compromised Conditions

This column considers infant skin biology, especially during a time when globally, compromised skin conditions are on the rise. It also proposes formulating solutions to meet the specific needs of this immature skin state.

Mist Wrinkles Away with The Ageless Secret Renewal Support Formula

The mist aims to support the skin's 28-day facial renewal cycle and slow the signs of aging.

Nelly De Vuyst Revives Skin with Eye Contour Gel

The gel, which retails for $95, is meant to address fine lines, puffiness and dark circles in the eye area.

Way of Will Adds 4 Essential Oil Deodorants to Product Mix

Current Way of WIll deodorants include deodorant sprays, sticks and foot and shoe deodorants.

Has H2O Got to Go? Personal Care and Cosmetics Reduce Water Dependency

As the global water crisis grows, cosmetics and personal care businesses are turning toward products that limit its use.

Read the Label: Mádara Birch Algae Balancing Face Soap

This “energizing” soap is designed to thoroughly yet gently clean the skin while providing balance.

[video] It's Personal: Custom Beauty via Bite's Bespoke Lipstick

The current wave of personalization in the beauty industry is wide-sweeping. Here, experience a firsthand account and video of Bite Beauty's bespoke lipstick service, wherein consumers mix custom lipsticks on the spot.

Saturday Skin's Waterfall Glacier Water Cream

Meant to target aging, this moisturizer combines glacier water, moss, ferment extracts and a regenerating peptide blend in a gel-cream formula.

First Aid Beauty's Skin Rescue Acne Clearing Charcoal Cleanser with Probiotics

This cleanser marries salicylic acid and probiotics in order to address existing and future acne breakouts, as well as boost the skin microbiome.

Estée Lauder Takes on Blue Light with New Gel Creme

The eye gel creme was created to help repair and prevent the visible impact of "modern-day assaults," including blue light, lack of sleep, UV and pollution.

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