Cacti Farm Cultivates Organic Oils for Skin


Karmouss, a Slovenian-Moroccan family-owned farm and plantation, cultivates prickly pear cactus seed oil (INCI: Opuntia Ficus Indica Seed Oil) and argan oil (INCI: Argania spinosa kernel oil) for skin care applications. 

The two oils are 100% organic, contain no additives, and are grown in their native Moroccan environment. Crop growth is self-contained without human interference or the use of fertilizers or pesticides, as these can interfere with the purity of the oils. 

The prickly pear cactus contains small seeds from which the oil is obtained. Unlike other commercial oils, it contains no petroleum-derived mineral oil. According to the company, the resulting prickly pear oil is ideal for anti-aging benefits as it regenerates, hydrates and protects the skin. 

The company’s argan oil is extracted from the kernel of the fruit of the argan tree and made via a cold-pressed process to preserve all the benefits of the oil. It is claimed to be a “beauty elixir” for the body and skin, as the fruit kernels are rich in beneficial fatty acids and vitamin E. Argan oil moisturizes, hydrates and softens the skin and hair. Additional uses include hydrating especially dry skin, treating acne, imparting anti-aging effects, treating stretch marks and conditioning hair.

For more information, contact Karmouss.

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