Cosmetics & Toiletries Formulary: 'Feel Good' Beauty

This collection of prototype formulas includes ideas to impart 'feel good' sensations in skin and hair care.
This collection of prototype formulas includes ideas to impart "feel good" sensations in skin and hair care.

This collection of prototype formulas includes ideas to impart "feel good" sensations in skin and hair care. Click on the formula name to access the full formula in our Cosmetics & Toiletries Bench Reference, where you can request samples, or view the full formulas in the November/December 2022 digital magazine.

The following prototype formulas are offered for your consideration as a basis from which to build your own, and for further testing and validation. The information is listed as originally provided by suppliers; note that in some cases, companies or ingredients may have changed.

Skin Care

Purifying Calming Dead Sea Mud Mask

Acme-Hardesty Co.

The Dead Sea is one of the world's saltiest bodies of water, with a salinity above 34%. Dead Sea mud (silt) is known for its therapeutic benefits thanks to natural minerals. Nevertheless, mud masks are prone to contamination. While high preservative concentrations could be considered, these pose risks for irritation and formula instability. SharoMix AM25, however, demonstrating antimicrobial activity, passed the challenge test in this "preservative-free" formula. Containing 20% Dead Sea mud, this formula detoxifies skin and soothes and enriches it. 

Sun Care

Sensational Light-feeling Sunscreen SPF 30+


This ultra-light formulation rubs in easily and is so transparent, you won’t believe it is an inorganic sunscreen! Enjoy the safe and mild protection of the broad spectrum combination of TiO2 and ZnO that protects skin all day. With the sensory driven combination of Sensemol LST and Solaveil ST-100, it is possible to have all the benefits of an inorganic sunscreen without compromising on aesthetics.


Energizing Deodorant Stick

Dow Corning Corp.

This energizing and moisturizing deodorant is a water-in-wax stick. It contains natural ingredients.

Skin Care

'Happy Feet and Legs' Spa Lotion

Earth Supplied Products LLC

This NOP Organic water-in-oil emulsion provides the elements necessary to relax, refresh, repair, and protect the skin. This refreshing formula leaves the feet and legs smooth and invigorated while providing a luxurious and sensuous dry feel.

Skin Care

Body Energizing Lotion

Evonik Industries AG


Body Wash - Relax

Floratech, a Cargill Company

The combination of neutralized fatty acids and Floraesters K-20W Jojoba in this body wash creates a dense, smooth foam that leaves the skin feeling moisturized, luxurious and clean. The versatile Florapearls Jojoba and Florabeads Jojoba provide gentle exfoliation and are offered in an array of color options.

Skin Care

Youth Recovery, Energy Enhancing (EE) Cream

Givaudan Active Beauty

S3D EE Cream, a proactive youth recovery night cream and the first energy enhancing cream, is based on Neodermyl, a new renewable energy source. This purple night cream with its somewhat thicker consistency can be easily applied and is absorbed immediately by the skin. The delicate fragrance supports the calming and soothing properties of the cream. Other claims include: redensifying, regenerating, revitalizing and rehydrating.

Skin Care

Coccoon Relax

IFF/Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Claims: • light texture • in situ mousse • paraben-free

Hair Care

Happy Head Scalp Serum

Natural Plant Products

This scalp serum provides cooling, soothing relief to scalp and strength, shine and conditioning to hair. Meadowfoam XPR is highly nourishing to skin and moisturizes to combat scalp dryness while Daikon Seed Extract provides shine and strength to hair. Licorice root extract (rich in regenerative and antioxidant compounds) and mineral-rich pink kaolin clay soothe and detoxify the scalp. Aurafirm N, a fermented oat active, conditions hair and supports the skin microbiome, and peppermint and tea tree essential oils provide a lovely, cooling sensation.

Skin Care

Energizing Body Milk


This formula contains a blend of emulsifiers and polymers to create a high concentration of hydrophilic active ingredients containing high levels of ions.

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