Biolie Highlights Ruby Red Natural Dye Alternative

Biolie Ruby Red

Biolie now offers Ruby Red (INCI: Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (and) Alkanna Tinctoria Root Extract), a natural red-colored oil that can be used as an alternative to carmine red or synthetic dyes.

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Alkanet root is naturally red thanks to its alkannin content. Ruby Red is derived from this root using a patented enzymatic extraction process that results in a COSMOS-certified and vegan alternative to carmine red.

The final Ruby Red product also is rich in alkannin and lipophilic molecules from the alkanet root, and its natural color demonstrates covering and tinting power that can impart a pink to red color in formulations. Furthermore, it demonstrates antioxidant, skin repairing and soothing activities. The product is prepared in deodorized organic oleic sunflower oil.

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