Mineral-based Mascara Formulation for Resonating Light

Ariel Laboratories, a custom product development laboratory, has created a mineral-based mascara formulation that is said to resonate light. According to the company, the mascara lengthens and thickens lashes while enhancing eye color brightness.

The mascara formula is available in bright and muted colors, both of which are said to enhance the latent color of the user's eyes. It reportedly is easily removed, but it does not smudge or wash off with tears. The formulation does not contain polyethylene glycol.

According to the company, the mascara can be distributed on a global scale. Packaging the mascara in round, slender containers extends product life and minimizes drying. When matched with a slender, round brush of sufficient diameter to make full-surface contact with the product content, the mascara’s performance is maximized.

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