Mineral Line Containing Pomegranate Launched

Mineral Fusion joins the mineral makeup market this winter, as a combination of skin care, antioxidants, makeup and UV protection. The line was created by Caleel + Hayden, who reports the makeup to be pharmaceutical-grade, free of parabens, chemical dyes and perfumes and created with natural preservatives.

The line is formulated with four key ingredients marketed at W.R.A.P. White tea reportedly is incorporated in formulations to protect against UV rays and enhance the immune performance of skin cells. Red tea, according to the company, acts as an anti-inflammatory and contains antibacterial properties. Antileukine 6 is said to control photo-aging and balance skin hydration. Finally, pomegranate is formulated into the makeup line as an antioxidant.

The mineral fusion line includes foundations, eye shadows, lip colors, blushes, bronzers and tools. It will be launched in Whole Foods Market stores.

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