Hot Pour Sunrise Eyeshadow/Blush


Isoeicosane (Permethyl102A, Presperse) 43.80
Carnauba (Carnauba Wax, Hansotech) 3.00
Isododecane (and) quaternium-18 hectorite (and) propylene carbonate (Bentone Gel ISD, Rheox) 4.00
Calcium aluminum borosilicate (Luxsil, Presperse Inc.) 31.00
Red Iron Oxide C33-8075 (Cosmetic Russet C33-8075, Sun Chemicals) 5.90
Black Iron Oxide C33-7734 (Cosmetic Black C33-7734, Sun Chemicals) 0.10
Propylparaben (Propylparaben, USP, ISP) 0.20
Mica (and) iron oxide (PresPearl Ultra Bronze, Presperse Inc.) 10.00
Dimethicone crosspolymer-3 (and) isododecane (Jeesilc IDD, Jeen International) 2.00

Procedure: Combine A. Mix well and start heating to 85ºC. Pre-blend B in an Osterizer. Mix well until all color pigments are uniformly dispersed. Add B to A. Mix well. Add C materials in sequence to the batch. Continue mixing. Pour at 85ºC- 80ºC in an appropriate molders.



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