Anti-aging Patch to Launch Worldwide

PowerCosmetics, a division of Power Paper, a provider of micro-power source technology and cosmetics products, announced a partnership with Amore Pacific Petah (Tikvah, Israel) to launch Amore Pacific's HERA brand Age Away Program Patch, based on PowerCosmetics's Power Patch technology. The Power Patch reportedly is the first and only cosmetic product that uses a thin and flexible battery incorporated into a patch to create a prestige cosmetic product. According to the companies, the patch demonstrates a remarkable capability to last and perform under the challenging conditions created by coupling a battery with cosmetic ingredients.

"Debuting our patch in Korea with Amore Pacific, the largest cosmetic company in Korea and a regional market leader, marks a major milestone for our PowerCosmetics division," commented Yoram Karmon, CEO of Power Paper Ltd., in a press statement. "Our relationship with Amore Pacific represents an ideal collaboration, sharing R&D and production proficiencies to deliver a customized prestige cosmetics product."

The ultra-thin and flexible micro-electronic power cells, in combination with the HERA brand spot serum targeting wrinkles, claim to self-actives when applied to the skin and delivers a mild direct current to the upper layers of the skin. The resulting super-hydration and moisturizing effects are said to provide immediate reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and longer term efficacy. P

owerCosmetics also launched a patch product with Estée Lauder in the United States earlier this year, with the Estée Lauder’s Perfectionist Power Correcting Patch. Its global launch is expected to begin in Europe later this month. The company is said to have signed agreements with other leading cosmetic brands as well, details of which will be announced.

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