Encapsulated Organic Colorants to Mimic Naturally Flawless Skin


Ideally, color cosmetic foundations give a person the look of naturally flawless skin. Unlike many color cosmetic products that follow a cyclical, trend-driven pattern in their form, finish and color, the highest priority needs for a foundation remain more constant. Indeed, the most natural color cosmetic foundations are inspired by a combined knowledge of the color components, compositional nature and optical properties of healthy skin, as well as consumer preference.

Understanding skin biology, therefore, provides the best road map to creating color compositions most like real skin. Until recently, however, the ability of scientists to mimic naturally flawless skin has been limited by the colorants available for use in color cosmetic foundation formulations. A new encapsulation technology is presented here that addresses historical color limitations while offering exciting new possibilities for delivering life-like color to the skin.

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