BASF and Solazyme Partnership Launches Algal Betaine

According to the GCI website, a high performance algal betaine, which is the first commercial surfactant derived from microalgae oil was launched by a partnership between BASF and Solazyme, Inc. for home and personal care applications. BASF commercializes algal betaine under the trade name Dehyton AO 45.

As a high-performance alternative to amidopropyl betaine, the new algal betaine can be utilized in products requiring rich and gentle foam such as cleansing liquids, soaps and other applications.

Dehyton AO 45 is produced with Solazyme’s AlgaPūr microalgae oils, which are produced within some days, utilizing modern technology. AlgaPūr oils are produced with a highly controlled fermentation process, converting sugarcane into oils with high purity and efficiency and low carbon, water and land use impact.

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