Natural Surfactants for Gentle, High Foam Cleansing


Colonial Chemical has introduced natural surfactants that offer mild cleansing and high foaming properties. The Poly Suga Carb products are designed to serve as a mild primary surfactants in wash-off applications including sulfate-free formulas. Three varieties have been developed: Poly Suga Carb LM (proposed INCI: Lauryl-Glucoside Sodium Maleate Crosspolymer); Poly Suga Carb LS (proposed INCI: Lauryl-Glucoside Sodium Succinate Crosspolymer); and Poly Suga Carb DM (proposed INCI: Decyl-Glucoside Sodium Maleate Crosspolymer). 

According to the company, the surfactants are an exceptional substitute for traditional surfactants such as SLS, sodium laureth-2 sulfate and alpha olefin sulfonate. When compared to these surfactants, Poly Suga Carb was reportedly found to cause significantly less eye irritation, scoring 8.00 on the HETCAM chart, whereas SLS, sodium laureth-2 sulfate and alpha olefin sulfonate all scored higher than 20.00 on the chart.

In addition, the surfactants scored an 8.39 Green Star Rating, meaning they are more than 83% natural, making them suitable for sulfate-free shampoos, conditioning shampoos, liquid hand soaps and body washes. The company notes additional benefits such as they are cold mix, free of 1,4-dioxane, non-preserved, gluten free, easy to use and globally acceptable.

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