Cutest Offers UVA Sunscreen Testing

Cutest Systems Ltd has installed a Labsphere UV-2000S sunscreen analyzer at the companies laboratories in Cardiff, Wales. Cutest Systems Ltd is a specialist in the fields of safety and efficacy testing of cosmetics, toiletries and skin pharmaceuticals.

The company can now provide a speedy and accurate service to the British and European sun care industry with cost-effective, UVA testing for new sunscreen formulations. The UV-2000S fully satisfies the requirements of the COLIPA UVA protection factor (UVAPF) test method guidelines. The UV-2000S is adaptable and is also compliant with the Boots star rating system and the proposed United States FDA protocol.

An integral part of the UVA protection method is the determination of the photo-stability of the sunscreen. Measurements are performed before and after exposure to UV. To this end, the company has installed an Atlas CPS+ Solar Simulator to allow for the different irradiation exposures required for the Boots and COLIPA methods.

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