Courage + Khazaka Launch Visioscan VC 20plus


Germany’s Courage + Khazaka has launched Visioscan VC 20plus, a tool for efficacy testing and claim support for cosmetics in regards to skin roughness and micro-topography.

Features include:

  • High resolution, non-glossy images via special LED UV-light and diffusor
  • Autofocus for maximum depth of focus
  • An ergonomic camera
  • SELS parameters for description of the skin surface with indices
  • Topographic measurement according to DIN with the profile and the results shown immediately
  • Lines and free-hand objects for measurement of hair length after shaving or lesions
  • Ageing parameters such as directionality of the lines and closed polygons between the visible lines
  • Evaluation of scaliness/dryness of the skin with the foil Corneofix F 20
  • Determination of sebum production in real time with the foil Sebufix F 16
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