Fatty Acids Enriched Via Crystallization

Equateq has launched a range of fatty acids that have been enriched using low-temperature crystallization. Crystalpure offers an alternative for those who want concentrated oils that are still in natural form.

The company's crystallization method involves using selected low temperatures to turn saturates and mono-unsaturates into crystals, allowing the physical separation of the polyunsaturated stream. When splitting fish oils, the company can deliver a concentrated stream of more than 50% omega-3 triglyceride, with specific enrichments of such fatty acids as EPA or DHA.

Crystalpure can be used on any omega oil feedstock: marine, botanical or algal. The company reports that the product has great potential for the food sector, which can use the enriched oils to deliver a higher loading of omega-3 PUFAs. Once deodorized, the fish oils are palatable, odorless and very stable, and can be converted into other presentations, such as powders and emulsions. Given the product compatibility to various product forms, it is possible that it may be used in cosmetics or nutricosmetics.

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