Beauty Accelerate Virtual: Haptics to Augment User Experience and R&D


Research has shown the hedonic aspects—i.e., the pleasure of using cosmetic products, the well-being afforded by them, and the psychological improvements gained from these products—are significant drivers for consumers to use cosmetics.

Indeed, the texture and feel of a product or even its mere physical application translate a sense of wellness and positive biological effects in skin through touch. As such, haptic perception and technologies present interesting opportunities for cosmetic product developers.

In his Beauty Accelerate Virtual presentation, Matthew Herd, VP Consumer, Sagentia, will explore two applications of haptic technologies in cosmetics: to augment front-facing consumer experiences, and to aid in the behind-the-scenes development of sensorially engaging products.

For example, haptic technologies can bring the sense of touch to a consumer’s product selection process. In the future they could augment the user’s experience by interacting with topical products. From an R&D perspective, they can capture biometric responses of test panelists for real-time sensory studies, and might even be utilized to model potential panelist responses to given measured product sensory parameters.

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Product developers in attendance will gain ideas to deeply engage cosmetic consumers through hedonic, touch-triggered product cues. Marketers will gain insights to envision product concepts that tap into consumer emotions and to design related touch-based experiential marketing campaigns. Visit the Beauty Accelerate Virtual event website to learn more and to register.

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