3 Top Trends in Food for 2020


An excerpt from the report "Top Ten Trends for 2020," from Innova Market Insights, underlines how, by experimenting with novel and unusual ingredients, the foods industry ushers new ingredients into the mainstream. 

This includes cosmetics, as two of the following top picks illustrate. The third is more of a newcomer, and something worth chewing on. 


Prebiotics have been around for years but only relatively recently moved into the mainstream. According to Innova Market Insights, a 20% global growth was recorded for food and beverage launches with prebiotics in 2018 versus 2017, and a further rise of more than 13% for 2019.

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Cannabidiol (CBD)

One of the most high profile ingredients in recent months has been cannabis/cannabidiol (CBD), which is seen as a disruptor. Consumers are becoming more familiar with CBD, providing opportunities for companies to make products featuring it as the hottest new ingredient. Consumers also are increasingly aware of its touted benefits, with a 2019 Innova Consumer Survey naming pain relief, reduced anxiety/distress and relaxation as the top three benefits identified by survey respondents.

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These benefits have led to other mood- and cognitive-related products; e.g., mood-boosting chocolate, relaxation tea, sleep aid gummies and nootropic bars. Furthermore, according to the report, the majority of consumers appear to be open to accepting cannabis/CBD as an ingredient. This is demonstrated by a global rise in products from 59% to 71% in the U.S. and 85% in India, with a jump in 2018 and exponential growth in 2019.


Finally, the newcomer: ashwagandha. This less familiar ingredient has low awareness but strong growth in new products containing it. This botanical extremolyte best known for its role in traditional ayurvedic medicine. It has a wide variety of claimed benefits, including stress and anxiety reduction; although products with ashwagandha are most likely to be launched with an energy/alertness positioning.

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According to the Innova report, launch numbers of products with this ingredient have risen sharply from a low base, accelerating further in 2019 with supplements and sports nutrition as the leading applications. The U.S. currently leads the commercial application of ashwagandha in food and beverage launches—reportedly three times higher than reports in India, where the ingredient originates. 

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