Water Softener Launched with Skin and Hair Benefits

NuFresh Water Systems, a household water treatment company, has introduced a water softener that is said to combat skin roughness and dull hair by supplying amino acids to household water. Scale Soft contains alanine, a simple amino acid that is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Nearly half of the skin's natural moisturizing factors in the outer layer are amino acids, according to the company. The company also noted that collagen also consists of amino acids, including alanine. Skin roughness and sometimes discoloration reportedly can be in part related to lack of amino acids, and atopic dermatitis may be due to a deficiency in amino acids as well. People today wash hands more frequently for the prevention of germ transfer, and this repeated process can result in dry and rough skin. The water softener, therefore, is said to moisturize skin and make skin smoother.

The company also finds that the water softener benefits hair. The tissue on the surface of hair holds water via amino acids as the moisturizing ingredient of the cuticle. Lackluster, dry hair is due to damage from decreased amino acids and is accelerated by use of hair dyes or bleach, leaving cuticles tattered. The amino acids in the water softener reported make hair less breakable by increasing its water retention capacity.

The water softener sequesters dissolved minerals of hard water for improved performance of soaps, detergents, plumbing, appliances and improved surface cleaning. InjectaFLO, a water-softening device, was designed by the company to automatically add the water softener to a household's water system.

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