Intelligence in Cosmetics Packaging

Intelligence has crept into cosmetics with the innovation of intelligent packaging. Technology is surfacing that addresses the issue of product efficacy. With the emerging debate over the safety of cosmetics, the new technology comes at a perfect time. Whether it is usage instructions or expiration dates, new package intelligence can clear up nearly any product confusion.

In the making is the Programmable Liquid Container by Ipifini. This technology allows the consumer to customize a product through buttons on the packaging’s surface that release additives. The buttons were created using Ipifini’s Innovation Engine. According to the company, the programmable container was produced as a result of a growing consumer demand for more combinations within products.

Siemens has created a disposable video display with mini-screens that use polymer-based photochromic substances that change color when administered with an electrical charge. The screens have been created for use with drugs or products that require dosage instruction.

New to the scene of packaging intelligence is a time-keeping mechanism. The mechanism was created to insure product performance on time-sensitive products, particularly cosmetic products such as hair dyes, facial masks, facial hair bleaching, hair removal cream and face peels. The timer will not only be preprogrammed for correct usage, but it will also beep when it is time for a new treatment.

Licensing has already begun for the timer by Product Innovations, and the licensing for many other packaging innovations is already underway. Before long, consumers will not have to read a label or consult directions; packaging will tell them everything they need to know.

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