[video] Tomonobu Ezure, Ph.D., on Shiseido's 3D Skin Scanning Tech


Ezure Tomonobu, Ph.D., of Shiseido, is no stranger to award-winning cosmetics research. Most recently, he was honored for work on a means to visualize the individual structures in skin, to advance anti-aging research. Hear more in the video interview, below.

Winning Streak

Earlier this year, Tomonobu won second place at the 12th China Cosmetics Academic Research Conference for his discovery of a skin-aging mechanism caused by sweat gland shrinkage. In 2016, he was recognized at the IFSCC Congress for his poster on the relevance of facial fat as an anti-aging target—the full study of which he published with Cosmetics & Toiletries.

And, just last month, during the IFSCC Congress in Münich, he accepted the Basic Research Award for his group's work to develop a 3D technique to visualize the internal structural components of skin.

Depth Perception

The new technique works by combining scanning electron microscopy with a whole-skin, electron-conductive treatment. The resulting 3D image is then color-coded via artificial intelligence software. Using this technique, the Shiseido team identified a critical new anti-aging target. He described this in brief, in our exclusive video interview.

Watch now:

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