Patent Pick: Growing 3D Skin Predictions


A product manufacturer's reputation is perhaps its greatest asset, and growing numbers of cosmetic consumers with sensitive skin only raise the product development bar. That's where patented inventions such as this, a 3D skin model, can ensure product safety and support cosmetovigilance initiatives.

Skin model
U.S. Patent Application 20160003856
Publication date: Jan. 7, 2016
Assignee: Alcyomics Ltd.

Disclosed in this patent application is a three-dimensional (3D) skin equivalent model comprising a scaffold and autologous skin cells. In relation, methods are described to predict skin's immunogenicity and hypersensitivity, or allergic or adverse immune reactions, to potential therapeutic compounds, biologies, cosmetics and chemical sensitizers.

This in vitro assay employs autologous blood-derived cells with scaffolds, which according to the inventors, surprisingly allows for smaller numbers of the cells to be "seeded" for the development of the 3D model. The small size of the biopsies is recommended for a "personalized medicine" (or treatment) approach to testing monoclonal antibody or immunomodulatory efficacy.

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