[video] That's a Wrap: Top News the Week of 5/26/17 from Cosmetics & Toiletries


Cosmetic formulating was front and center across the past week's headlines. From a multi-tasking color corrector, to a new J&J skin-cleansing patent. If you missed this week's news, you missed out. Check out our video re-cap, also including:

  • Our “Supplier Roundtable,” explaining how to develop skin-balancing makeup removers;
  • The latest blue pigment, which could land in the boxes of Crayola this year, and potentially spark a new color trend;
  • Our new EU regulatory update from Pascal Yvon on mandates for stability testing;
  • Sustainability surfaced again, this time in new forms as we learned from in-cosmetics London; and
  • Happy Geek Pride Day!
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