Next Generation of Beauty Ingredients to be Celebrated at in-cosmetics Asia 2013

Reed Exhibitions, the organizers behind in-cosmetics Asia, has released details of the finalists in its Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards ahead of the 2013 exhibition (Oct. 29-31). Cosmetics & Toiletries has also announced finalists for the C&T R&D Awards, presented in collaboration with in-cosmetics Asia.

Finalists for the Best New Ingredient category of the C&T R&D Award are:

  • Contipro for Delcore, a hyaluronic acid based carrier system designed to increase the stability and penetration of cosmetic actives.
  • Induchem for Neodermyl, which relactivates the synthesis of collagen I, II and elastin in aged skin to reduce wrinkle depth.
  • Sederma for Beautifeye, which strengthens the dermal structure and increases its contractile properties to lift the top of the eyelid fold and consolidates the microvascular network.

Finalists for the Most Creative Application category of the C&T R&D Award are:

  • AmorePacific's Sulwhasoo Microdeep Intensive Filling Cream and Patch, combining the principles of acupressure with patch technology.
  • P&G, for its SK-II Stempower Essence anti-aging skin care, which boost skin’s inner resilience for bouncy looking skin with less visible pores. 
  • Shiseido's Total Future Solution LX, with the company's Skingenecell 1P ingredient to counteract the appearance of aging and protect skin from dryness and cellular damage caused by UV rays.
For Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards, 10 ingredients have been shortlisted by a panel of industry experts for their ability to combine innovative science and product features, demonstrating benefits to manufacturers and end-users when compared with existing ingredients.

The shortlisted products will be displayed, along with more than 27 other ground-breaking ingredients and 22 formulations, in the Innovation Zone. As the center-piece of the exhibition, the Innovation Zone is one of the most popular attractions, and is visited by more than 75% of attendees to the show. All of the products featured are either being exclusively unveiled at the exhibition or have been launched just six months before, making it the perfect hub for visitors looking for inspiration ahead of their next product launch.

The finalists in the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards are:

  • Ashland with Actopontine biofunctional, a key matrixforming protein and recommended for use in skin care products that address skin elasticity.
  • Lipotec with Source of Youth Cream with Juvefoxo peptide. It mimics the activity of FOXO3a, subfamily of the Forkhead box (FOX) transcriptional factors, which is involved in cell repair, renewal and longevity.
  • Lucas Meyer Cosmetics with Elix-IR, a botanical active ingredient designed to fight Infra’aging.
  • Lucas Meyer with Adipofill’in Breast Enhancer. Due to its unique lipofilling-like effect, Adipofill’in stimulates adipose tissue growth through the activation of HIF-1α, a transcription factor that regulates adipocyte anabolism.
  • Mibelle Biochemistry with PhytoCellTec Symphytum, an extract of stem cells of the comfrey plant that were produced in plant cell cultures and found to stimulate the proliferation of isolated epidermis stem cells.
  • Regeron with Repilosome-GY-C, a new composition for hair growth containing actives that stimulate the stem cells in hair follicles while progenitors of the skin stem cells migrate over the hair follicle surface.
  • Sensient Cosmetic Technologies with Sensibright Dual white WD, a 3-in-1 powder for instant whitening and illuminating effects.
  • Schülke & Mayr with sensiva PA 30, which combines the antimicrobial activity of two nature-identical fragrance ingredients that are active against spoilage-causing and odor-causing germs with the boosting and skin care properties of naturally-derived emollient.
  • Solabia with Resistress, which helps the skin's resistance to oxidative stress by stimulating its natural defenses while stimulating cell communication.
  • Solvay with Jaguar LS, a conditioning polymer that delivers conditioning performance even in a technically challenging low surfactants chassis.

The C&T R&D Award and Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award winners will be announced at 18:30 at a reception on October 30, 2013, on the in-cosmetics Asia show floor.

Other companies will also have products on display in the Innovation Zone. Evonik Personal Care presents ABIL EM 120, which provides high emulsification potential and compatibility with various cosmetic emollients and also effectively stabilizes pigments. New Zealand Extracts will highlight actiVLayr, a new way to deliver skin care ingredients to specific areas using a patch system, while Phuket Collagen champions ABA-COLL, an active abalone collagen extracted using a special cold extraction technique. Also on show are Defensil-Plus by Rahn AG, which is designed to relieve stressed, sensitive and irritable skin, and Apolluskin by Silab, a natural patented antipollution active ingredient that is able to protect the skin from environmental pollutants.

The judging panel for the C&T R&D Award is:

  • Alice Han, Editor of, China
  • Huiliang Li, Engineer, Technical Director, and Head of Herborist Traditional Chinese Medicines Research Center of Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd.;
  • Member of the standing committee of Shanghai Association of Traditional Chinese Medicines under Chinese Medical Association
  • Colin D'Silva, PhD, Associate Director of Communications for P&G
  • Ben Teoh, Industry Consultant
  • Prapaporn Boonme, PhD, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Prince of Songkla University, Songkhla, Thailand
  • Fujihiro Kanda, Senior Manager of the Technology Alliance Development Department at Shiseido
  • Miki Minamino, Executive Vice-President, BelleVienus Co., Ltd.
The judging panel for the in-cosmetics Asia Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award is:
  • Dr. Alain Khaiat, founder, SEERS Consulting
  • Dr. Aran Puri, President, Cosmeceutical Solutions
  • Dr. Panvipa Krisdaphong, President of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists Thailand (SCCT)
  • Jack Ferguson, independent consultant to the cosmetics industry
  • Judi Beerling, Head of Technical Research, Organic Monitor
  • Karl Lintner, President of KAL’IDEES
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