The future is Biobased. [Sample request and free product brochures]

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Answering the call: How biobased is creating a sustainable future?

Every day, new technologies and innovations push the world further ahead. With this advancement comes a question: what can we do to help our planet?

Consumers are connecting the dots between healthy foods, lifestyles, personal care product safety and the environment.

Over time, the demand increases for cleaner and greener ingredients and formulas. People aren’t just looking for green sticker, they want performance, transparency and safety in their products. Moreover, consumers become increasingly conscious of their environmental impact and start to look towards a more sustainable future.

At Cosun Biobased Experts, we believe that the future is biobased. Doing business in a sustainable fashion is crucial for success, which is why we adhere to the circular economy: people, planet, profit. We believe everyone in the value chain—from our farmers to our customers—should be able to earn an honest living without harming the environment.

This all starts with the use of 100% plant-based materials, water and mild processing techniques. No part of the crop goes to waste.

Innovation Meets Demand

QUATIN®: Naturally derived and sustainable conditioning cationic biopolymer from chicory root for hair care and skin care.

QUATIN® - Our biobased portfolio | Biobased Experts (cosunbiobased.com)

CBP Inulin: Multi-functional pre-biotic provides wellness and gives benefits of balancing skin microbiome, humectant and moisturization.

CBP Inulin - Our biobased portfolio | Biobased Experts (cosunbiobased.com)

Betafib® ETD: Biobased suspending, stabilizing/structuring agent from sugar beet pulp. It is an alternative to conventional fossil and acrylate based chemistry. It also provides a better flow property.

Betafib® MCF - Our biobased portfolio | Biobased Experts (cosunbiobased.com)

We innovate and collaborate; sharing our knowledge and expertise to you. We strive to be the best and deliver biobased ingredients to you.



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