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Energizing skin cells to boost extracellular matrix composition

Clariant International Ltd
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Rootness™ Energize is a new active ingredient extracted from the roots of Luffa cylindrica, enriched in bryonolic acid thanks to the Plant Milking technology. A large scale transcriptomic study on more than 20,000 genes and a proteomic study on more than 2,500 proteins demonstrated the ability of Rootness Energize to stimulate the three main metabolic pathways in the cells (glycolysis, pentose-phosphate pathway and TCA cycle) and to stimulate metabolites transport towards mitochondria in order to boost cell’s respiration by +111% and ATP production by +63%. In the meantime, this active ingredient keeps oxidative stress under control by activating cell’s endogenous oxidative defenses.

In addition, Rootness™ Energize supports protein maturation by increasing gene expression of SLC35 transporters and induces the synthesis of key extracellular matrix components such as collagen type-IV and elastic fibers. As a result, skin’s firmness and elasticity are increased by resp. +20% and +27% after 62 days.

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