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Read the Label Online—Tom's of Maine Naturally Dry

“The first antiperspirant made entirely from ingredients from nature,” is a pretty strong claim for a product category that is well-established; but without comparing it to every other antiperspirant on the market, one cannot definitively say whether it is the “first” or not.

Mintel Notes Continued Growth for Deodorant Category

The deodorant and antiperspirant industry continues to grow, with a 16% increase recorded between 2006 and 2011, according to Mintel’s latest report.

Tom's of Maine Launches Sustainable Antiperspirant

Tom's of Maine has launched an antiperspirant line that is formulated with sustainably sourced ingredients.

Formulating With Naturals—Antiperspirants and Deodorants

Within the realm of natural and organic personal care products, deodorants and antiperspirants loom large simply because the overall category itself is very large in any retail health and beauty aids planogram. These two related products—i.e., antiperspirants and deodorants (AP/Deo)—are fraternal twins joined at the axilla that perform in this same anatomical arena using some of the same tricks.

Formula Anatomy Deciphered—Antiperspirants

The formulation matrix delivery system is the key to effectiveness and acceptable consumer antiperspirant systems. The most common delivery systems are roll-ons (either aqueous or cyclosiloxane suspensions), aerosol (hydrocarbon propellant suspensions), extrudable clear gels (water-in-cyclosiloxane emulsions), extrudable opaque soft solids (anhydrous cyclosiloxane suspension pastes) or solid sticks (anhydrous cyclomethicone suspension solids).

Star Anise Deodorant Active

At In-Cosmetics in Milan, Sinerga will debut a deodorizer derived from star anise designed to inhibit enzymes and bacteria in order to reduce or eliminate malodor.

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