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DSM Debuts Skin Repairing Beauactive for Consumers 30+

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DSM debuted its Beauactive, a natural skin care ingredient that reportedly provides skin an improved appearance, specifically for consumers aged 30 and up.


DSM has focused on skin troubles that arise after the age of 30, such as conspicuous facial pores and age spots, with the launch of Beauactive (INCI: Hydroxystearic Acid).

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These skin troubles are mainly caused by the aging process and exacerbated by sun damage.

The active comprises high purity, sustainable hydroxystearic acid and is manufactured using green technology; it does not contain intentionally added, regulated substances. Additionally, the active is halal- and Natrue-compliant.

DSM researchers discovered that in vitro, Beauactive activates the master cell regulator PPARα, which triggers multi-targeted effects for better skin health. Upon UVB stress, the active hinders the production of both sunburn cells and the stress marker p53, which can increase skin pigmentation. The ingredient also is said to help the skin create more collagen, a key structural factor in the prevention of conspicuous facial pores.



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