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3 Keys to Creating Asian-inspired Beauty

Applying the essence of Asian skin care routines to new product creation.

Prebiotics, Pine Power Acne Care Patent

The technology boosts protective bacteria on skin in order to better control breakouts and reduce wrinkle length and depth.

Jojoba Oil Provides Natural Relief in After-sun Care

Jojoba oil's soothing, reparative and moisturizing properties provide relief to irritated, sunburned skin.

Don't Sleep on Melatonin's Anti-Aging Benefits

Melatonin has long been known for helping to regulate the body's sleep cycles, but recently, it has been discovered that the topical application of this product could have much bigger benefits for the skin.

R+Co Launches Curl Collection

The products in the collection can play up the shape of curls and waves or allow users to wear their curls/waves straight.

Consumers Seek Out Pineapples for Their Skin Care

Pineapple has become a top trendy ingredient for summer skin care routines due to its numerous benefits that consumers are very interested in.

Vegamour Launches CBD Products for Hair Growth

The CBD products were created to reduce inflammation of hair follicles and increase blood circulation of the follicle, all of which promotes healthy, natural hair growth.

Silver Boosts Microflora in Dermocosmetics

These metallic silver microparticles reportedly provide antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and microflora-strengthening properties to dermocosmetics.

aPure Launches Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear

Pure5.5 products are said to maintain a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria and combat unpleasant odors.

Create Sensorial Naturals with Plant-derived Silicone Alternative

The emollient is meant to provide a soft skin feel and light touch for both body and hair care applications

Soft-focus Effects Delivered by Fermented Cosmetic Filler

This naturally derived cosmetic filler does not contain microplastics and can be used to blur skin imperfections, create a matte effect and alter application behavior and skin feel.

Praan Naturals Introduces Cruelty-free Squalene, Squalane Options

The lightweight, nongreasy ingredients are plant-derived and meant to soothe in skin, lip, hair and nail care, along with cosmetics.

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