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GoBiotics Reveals Microbiome Data, Launches Oral Prebiotic at in-cos Global 2020

GoBiotics announced new research will be presented regarding the microbiome and the company’s prebiotics PreBiulin FOS and AGA at in-cosmetics Global. The company will also launch a new oral care prebiotic, PreBiulin Oral.

Read the Label: Medik8—The Essential CSA Kit

The kit consists of three products and claims to leaves skin with a healthy, glowing complexion where wrinkles are visibly reduced. This column reviews the ingredient listings on products for claims substantiation and functionality.

[video] Botanicals Impart Pleiotropical Effects for Skin Benefits

Pleiotropic materials derived from botanicals are what Biocogent refers to as "pleiotanicals." This video, shot in the company's lab, provides an example from clove flower and explains its skin benefits. Watch now.

Revlon Receives EWG Verification for Makeup and Skin Primer

The primer's formula was custom-tailored to meet the EWG Verified mark requirements, Revlon explained.

Cosmetics & Toiletries Formulary Expanded: Hair Care

This month's Expanded Hair Care Formulary of includes everything from a Conditioning Shampoo and Hair Mask, to a Nourishing Hair Block (bar) and Sulfate-free Cleansing Jelly. Click through for more details.

Cosmetics & Toiletries Formulary: Hair Care

This month's sampling of hair care formulas features a Spongy Hair Wax, Hair Volumizing Elixir and Anti-aging Hair Spray. Click through for additional details or our Expanded Formulary.

Water-saving Grace: Glutamate and Alaninate Surfactants to Reduce Rinsing

Glutamate and alaninate surfactants offer superior ease of rinsing and water-saving properties for both sulfate and sulfate-free systems. Experimental methods were developed to demonstrate and quantity these properties in various formulas, as are shown here.

Opposing Forces: Water Resistance vs. Rheology Control: An Exploration*

Water resistance is desired across a range of cosmetic categories. Two materials used to impart this property, however—the emulsifier system and film-forming polymer—are known to change the rheology of formulas. This study assessed the impact of these ingredients on rheological and texture profiles.

ClearHance C by Ashland

Ashland launched a new conditioning polymer for a broad range of uses in transparent shampoos, body washes and more.

Arista Industries Olive Oil

A natural oil to help treat skin care conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dandruff and dry skin.

Evoking Emotion: The Impact of Hair

Following is a brief review of recent hair aging research and emotional connections with consumers. Premature graying and other changes in hair with age are a significant cause of low-self esteem.

SymLite Naturally Protects Cosmetics and Users

SymLite G8 was designed to improve the sensorial profile of formulations, stabilize emulsions and enhance the skin protection benefits of cosmetic products. The natural multifunctional from Symrise is derived from renewable materials, certified Mass Balance RSPO and is COSMOS-approved.

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