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Weibo Hi-Tech Launches Freeze-dried Skin Care Tech

Weibo features 15 beauty products that leverage the technologies, including seven freeze-dried serums, seven freeze-dried masks and a freeze-dried eye mask.

Dakota Biotech Launches Live Probiotic Collection to Restore Skin Microbiome

Dakota Biotech has launched a live probiotic-encapsulated product line to balance the microbiome for glowing and healthy skin. The dormant entities are reportedly touch-activated, bypassing the need for refrigeration.

CocoBaba Launches Skin Care for Mothers

The brand's goal is to creative effective products with safe, clean, uncomplicated ingredients.

RéVive Skincare Releases Perfectif Night Even Skin Tone Cream

The cream is said to help erase the appearance of past damage and bring smooth, even-toned skin to light.

Ampoule Dropper-Mixing Type by HCP Packaging

The packaging is ideal for intensive treatments with active ingredients.

Native Extracts Announces Rainforest Blue Oil

The oil, which is also known as rosewood, can be used in skin care and fragrance.

TruBeauty's Nitric Oxide Rejuvenation Promotes Healthy Skin Within

TruBeauty's Nitric Oxide Rejuvenation contains a combination of vitamins, herbs and amino acids that support healthy nitric oxide levels for general wellness and beauty from the inside out, leading to cell renewal, nutritional absorption and improved skin vitality.

Nano-biotech-embedded Wakamono Medical Mask Defends Against COVID-19

Utilizing Wakamono Corp.'s Gecide nano-biotech-embedded antimicrobial fabric, Lai Nam Hai invented a medical mask to protect the wearer against COVID-19.

The Ordinary Launching Full-Coverage Concealer

The Ordinary's full-coverage concealer is launching January 12, 2021.

Jeen Boosts Product Stability and Shelf-life with Jeecide Cap-7

Jeen’s Jeecide Cap-7 is the company’s solution for formulators looking to maintain product stability and shelf-life while maintaining natural and “clean” formulation claims.

Helping Hands: Building Soothing, Protecting, Repair and Care Products

This article explores key aspects for formulating safe and effective hand care products. In relation, it considers core aspects of skin barrier functioning and offers solutions to protect, repair and enhance them.

Polyesteramine Performance: Improving Mildness in Rinse-off Cleansers

Polyesteramines are typically used as cationic conditioners but their surface-active properties and ability to associate with detersive surfactants suggests irritation reduction and viscosity-building effects. To test these effects, surface tensiometry was used to quantify the surfactant-binding capacity of polyesteramines. Furthermore, preclinical assessments were made to determine irritation potential in epidermal equivalents.

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