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Yemoja Revives Skin with EPS-Revive Microalgae Bioactive

The active provides antioxidant, moisturizing and anti-aging activities for skin.

Dion Michaels Launches Skin Care for Multiethnic Men

The subscription-based skin care line provides men with a grooming cream and a skin balm.

Lubrizol's Lapagyl Delays Signs of Skin Aging

This oil-based extract was shown in testing to promote youthful skin and appearance by decreasing crow’s feet and increasing skin radiance and moisturization.

BASF Saves Sensitive Skin with Sacred Patch

BASF used sacran in its latest ingredient to help with sensitive skin. Sacred Patch is said to demonstrate moisturizing and skin-soothing effects, and to help stimulate the release of the wellness mediator oxytocin.

Lucas Meyer by IFF Clears C. Acnes with Dendriclear

Lucas Meyer by IFF has created a microbiota-friendly, acne-reducing active: Dendriclear. The ingredient is said to reduce bacterial aggression, inflammation and hyperkeratinization in the skin.

Naturally Brite Launches Plant-Based Hair Color

The hair color's formula combines both plants and henna.

Greentech Reenergizes Fatigued Skin with Circalys

Greentech’s Circalys is a natural chrono-detox ingredient created to revitalize and uplift fatigued skin due to external stressors, targeting eye bags, dark circles and under-eye wrinkles.

Givaudan's Mangixyl Tackles Oily Skin for Different Tones

Created from responsibly sourced mango leaves that undergo a green fractionation process, Mangixyl reportedly reduces sebum by 15.9% after one month, depending on the complexion.

ElastinTech Uses Nuflex Technology to Create Neolastin Anti-aging Line

ElastinTech introduced its Neolastin line, which is formulated with the company’s patented Nuflex Technology to deliver anti-aging skin benefits.

Rahn Presents Updated Results for Hydractin-LMF and Aquarich Moisturizers

Rahn has presented updated data from studies on its Hydractin-LMF and Aquarich moisturizing actives.

Juvia's Place Launches Eye Primer and Pencil

The pencil liners are available in four shades and the primers in three.

Ashland Uses AI to Capture Sandalwood VOC for Skin, Aromatherapy

Powered by AI, Ashland’s Santalwood biofunctional encourages skin regeneration and firmness for well-aging formulations.

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