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FK Scalp from Keraplast Prevents Hair and Scalp Health Pollution

FK Scalp, by Keraplast, is a versatile, soluble ingredient to be included in different product formats such as sprays, serums, creams, oils, lotions and shampoos, for proper scalp and hair care.

Keraplast Derives Natural Exfoliant for Sensitive Skin

FK Exfoliate is Keraplast’s active made from sheep wool and homologous to human keratin. It is positioned as a natural alternative to synthetic exfoliants and helps to reduce irritation.

Cities and Skin: Phoenix Best, Mumbai Worst

Chemberry revealed the results of a study in which 80 cities worldwide were analyzed for their external effects on skin. The study identified the best and worst U.S. and global cities for skin health.

Deinove, Sharon Labs Partner Toward Cosmetic Bioactives

Deinove partners with Sharon Laboratories in a Memorandum of Understanding to develop bio-based cosmetic solutions.

[video] Fermented Mushrooms Defend Skin Mitochondria and DNA

A natural active was developed by the fermentation of Hericium erinaceum and Tricholoma Matsutake mushrooms to produce an anti-aging active and mitochondria protectant. Learn more in this video.

[update] Ashland Relaunches Clearhance Conditioning Polymer

Ashland has relaunched Clearhance C, a conditioning polymer to enhance transparent shampoos, conditioners, body washes and liquid soaps.

Kanebo's ‘Ultimate’ Anti-aging Line Leverages Double Cleansing Technique

The Sensai Ultimate line includes a cleansing oil and creamy soap that, when used sequentially, provides gentle and soothing anti-aging effect.

IFF/Lucas Meyer Previews New Actives, Color’Ethics Collection for in-cos 2020

IFF/Lucas Meyer offers a sneak-peek of its up-and-coming concepts for in-cosmetics 2020, including new skin care actives, findings on its cold process emulsifier and a novel makeup concept collection.

Carbon Neutral New Zealand Skin Care Brand Branches to US

Snowberry New Zealand officially launched its carbon neutral skin care line in the United States, with benefits including antioxidants, a variety of vitamins and peptide complexes.

Colonial to Launch Palm-free Conditioning Aid at In-cos Global 2020

Colonial Chemical Inc. will announce its ingredient, Colonial S18PF, at in-cosmetics Global 2020. The product is a conditioning aid, produced from a palm-free stearic source.

Biophotonic Xanthochrome Prevents Everyday UV Damage

Seaspire Inc., a spin-off of Northeastern University, Boston, has launched Xanthochrome, an adaptive, biphotonic and organic stable pigment for everyday wear whose antioxidant properties prevent skin damage caused by UV rays.

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