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Renew and Rejuvenate with RonaCare RenouMer

Merck KGaA presents its anti-aging ingredient, RonaCare RenouMer, to enhance the appearance of skin in face and body care formulations.

Clariant’s Clear Preservative Aid, Velsan Flex

Clariant has recently launched a natural choice for effective and safe cosmetics preservation that reduces preservative amounts while keeping antimicrobial protection, even in high aqueous formulations.

CHI Haircare Creates Hand Sanitizers for Coronavirus Relief

"It is our responsibility as Americans, business professionals and human beings to do everything we can to help with supplying America with vital products, equipment and supplies necessary to help fight this virus."

Celltice Confirmed to Control Sebum, Protect Skin

Previously highlighted for its petro-free, self-emulsifying status, Renmatix’s Celltice active has now been shown in vivo to control sebum and protect against free radicals.

Hello Offers CBD Oral Care, Expands into Lip Care

Hello's lip category debut includes the launch of two vegan lip balms available in Strawberry and Vanilla Mint flavors.

Supergoop! Offers Pearlescent Protection with Glowscreen SPF 40

The product was created to give instant, glowing protection with no visible glitz or glitter.

Rose Quartz, Charcoal Power 'Mood-boosting' Bioré Skin Care Collection

According to the brand, the collection is meant to deep clean, purify pores and radiate self-love.

Vernal Skincare's Crepe-less Skin Creme

The product is meant to target crepe-like skin anywhere on the body, while also having a firming and toning effect.

Too Faced Extends Hangover Skincare Collection

The three new products include Hangover Pillow Cream, Hangover Wash the Day Away and Hangover Pillow Balm Treatment.

Fatten Up the Skin Barrier with Biome Oléoactif

Officially launching in April 2020, from Hallstar Beauty and Deinove, is an active ingredient that regulates the skin microbiota and reinforces its barrier function.

Merck: All That Glitters is Gold

Merck is set to launch its Lights Series portfolio: Ronastar Dazzling Lights. The pigment imparts a shade of gold enhanced with a subtle hue of green.

Must-know Powder Process Parameters for Formula Success

When it comes to powders, variables such as size, shape, density, chemistry, static charge and moisture content can determine a successful formulation (or not). Here, Casey Muench Bickhardt, of GEMCO, offers technical insights.

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