Customizable, Textured Base Formulations

Alban Muller has designed a line of eight base formulations, each with a different texture, that may be customized with additional ingredients to adjust for activity and aesthetics. These formulations reportedly offer the formulator a quick and cost-effective solution to developing a range of finished products.

Ami-feels are offered in the following textures: a fine, light fluid emulsion serum; a gentle, slightly pink emulsified gel serum; two rapidly absorbed, hydrating emulsion creams that can be used for day care and are recommended for teenage skin; a cream gel that is slightly gelified and suitable for teenage and oily skin; an intermediate texture unctuous and melting cream for all skin types for application in day or night skin care; and two rich, nourishing textures that can be adapted for mature or dry skin in both day and night skin care.

According to the company, the line of base formulations is natural and does not include silicones or parabens. The company also reports it is working on adding more textures and bases to the line, including a lotion and shower gel. For the complete formulations, contact the company.

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