Featured Ingredient: Anti-freeze Protein

TRI-K Industries has introduced a anti-freeze protein designed to fortify and protect skin. The company partnered with A/f Protein to produce TRI-K TMP, a Type III anti-freeze protein that reportedly reduces redness and irritation and improves moisturization.

According to the company, anti-freeze proteins have evolved in a wide range of species in nature, permitting them to thrive in harsh environments of below freezing temperatures. The proteins bind to cellular membranes to modulated environmental changes and protect fluctuations in temperature and osmotic pressure. The proteins were originally sourced from cold-water fish, but have recently been cloned into Saccharomyces cevevisiae, or baker's yeast.

The company reports that TMP boosts the production of protective proteins in the skin and promotes cell proliferation. In turn, the product reportedly helps skin to defend itself from daily stresses such as environmental pollution and UV and repair itself after exposure to stress.


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