Cosmetics & Toiletries Formulary: Sun Care


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Sun Care

Sunscreen Cream SPF 45

Acme-Hardesty Co.

Climate change and global warming have made sunscreens a part of consumers' daily wear routines. To improve sun protection, combining different UV filters and absorbers is a must, which consequently increases the oily phase in the end formula. Using high amounts of non-polar preservatives in the oil phase, however, poses risks of contamination since low-polar preservatives tend to migrate into the oily phase, leaving the aqueous phase unprotected. SharoSense Plus 184 provides the answer. This innovative polar preservative system brings uncompromised antimicrobial efficacy at low use levels (0.7%).

Sun Care

UV Arrest Continuous Spray

Ashland LLC

This aerosol, anhydrous, SPF 70, very water resistant spray is non-tacky and has low shine.

Sun Care

Natural Baby Goodness SPF 30

BASF Corporation

This formulation has been specifically developed for delicate skin that needs superior protection while spending time in the sun. Z-Cote LSA-UC, a large-particle, mineral UV filter forms a protective layer on the skin to reflect, scatter and absorb harmful UVA and UVB rays. Cetiol RLF compliments the formula with its superior sensory attributes. Both ingredients have passed the National Products Association (NPA) strict guidelines to further guarantee consumer confidence.

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