Cosmetics & Toiletries Formulary: Sensitive Skin Care


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Skin Care

Purifying Calming Dead Sea Mud Mask

Acme-Hardesty Co.

The Dead Sea is one of the world's saltiest bodies of water, with a salinity above 34%. Dead Sea mud (silt) is known for its therapeutic benefits thanks to natural minerals. Nevertheless, mud masks are prone to contamination. While high preservative concentrations could be considered, these pose risks for irritation and formula instability. SharoMix AM25, however, demonstrating antimicrobial activity, passed the challenge test in this "preservative-free" formula. Containing 20% Dead Sea mud, this formula detoxifies skin and soothes and enriches it.

Skin Care

Soothing Eye Balm

Ashland LLC

This relaxing eye balm has a pleasant application. The cream-gel helps the eye area feel relaxed and pampered with a silky-smooth finish.

Skin Care

Naturally Preserved Hand Lotion

Bio-Botanica Inc.

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