Yeast-based Minerals for Hair, Skin and Nail Nutricosmetics

Lallemand Health Ingredients has launched a line of yeast-based minerals and vitamins for formulation into nutricosmetic products that promote healthy skin, nails or hair. Lalmin is a range of selenium, zinc and B vitamin yeasts designed for food supplements that provide antioxidant, anti-aging and sun protection to the skin, nails and/or hair.

The nutricosmetics market is growing in Western Europe, especially in France, Germany and Italy, according to the company. Meanwhile, according to a 2010 Euromonitor International report, the nutricosmetics market in Japan and China represents 18% and 13% of the dietary supplement sales respectively.

In relation, Lalmin Se was designed based on inactivated whole cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast containing elevated levels of organically-bound selenium. The company reports that selenium yeast was recognized in 2008 by the European Food Safety Authority as the most bioavailable source of selenium for human nutrition. The selenium-based yeast is said to offer sun protection and anti-aging antioxidant properties.

In a clinical study, the company found that the selenium-based yeast significantly increased skin tolerance to UV light in volunteers (+22% increase in the minimal erythema dose), reducing the risks of sunburns. Melanin production and skin coloration were also enhanced. In parallel, the study showed a significant reduction of UV-induced oxidative stress and a reduction of genotoxicity in skin, what was qualified as “an indicator of a potential reduction of the most deleterious effects of solar exposure, such as skin cancers and aging.”

The range offers additional yeast-based vitamins and minerals with recognized beauty benefits: a zinc yeast source with antioxidant, hair, nail and skin benefits; and B vitamins yeast standardized in seven B vitamins to maintain healthy hair and skin.

The processing conditions of the range are said preserve the intrinsic nutritional properties of the yeast and its levels of beneficial nutrients such as minerals, micronutrients and dietary fibers.

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