[podcast] The Smell of Success: P&G's Wilkerson on Consumer-acceptable Scalp Care


"In the shampoo, the hurdle with selenium has been its sulfur-like smell, which gives a malodor to hair during or especially after use. So if a person works out, having previously used a selenium-containing shampoo, they get that bloom of malodor.

"Dermatologists know the benefits of selenium but this cosmetic hurdle is something their patients cannot get over. Clients become non-compliant, so they never realize the full benefits the product.

"Based on our internal fragrance expertise [at P&G], we took a step back to see how we could formulate to include novel menthol-based aromatic fragrances or other molecules to help us overcome the malodor of selenium.

"We were able to not just mask the scent, but to create a new fragrance within the product incorporating the odor profile of selenium. So we’re now able to deliver a delightful experience." -Rolanda Wilkerson, Ph.D.

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