Sun Chemical Launches 'Intuitive Nature' Color Forecast


Sun Chemical has launched the next installment of its cosmetic trends program, Intuitive Nature, which outlines color forecasting based on beauty trends for 2023 with inspiring colors, textures, effects and vegan formulations.

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Intuitive Nature focuses on seasonal trends and includes two chapters: “Bloom” for Spring/Summer 2023 as well as “Evolution” for Autumn/Winter 2023. Its 16 virtually rendered shades were created with a combination of featured effect pigments to match two seasonal color palettes.

According to the company, “Bloom” for Spring/Summer 2023 channels the inner child, encouraging playfulness, authenticity and disconnection from the digital world to get lost in a journey of creativity and curiosity. Incorporating themes of self-love and self-care, formulations include both color and skin care applications.

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“Bloom” adopts a cheerful approach to beauty with a vibrant color palette balanced with classic pastels. Effect pigment blends showcase shimmering color featuring Cloisonné Vibrant Raspberry (INCI: Mica (and) Titanium Dioxide (and) Iron Oxides (and) Silica), a vegan metallic-like effect pigment based on natural mica sourced from the United States. Free from carmine, this effect pigment offers a magenta color and premium formulation stability, ideal for all beauty formulations.

“Evolution” for Autumn/Winter 2023 highlights the serenity of simplicity and gratitude while encompassing the power of conscious everyday choices. “Evolution" includes a color palette that is a collection of nature-inspired shades and dark muted tones such as olive and midnight blue, complemented with bright neutrals like antique bronze and porcelain.

Effect pigments highlight the use of blackened effects that create depth and dimension without dulling the color. The palette features Reflecks MD Midnight Sapphire (INCI: Not Provided), a color travel effect pigment imparting chroma color and sparkle based on a borosilicate substrate. Its technology embeds an absorption colorant into the pigment resulting in a dramatic effect, with minimized staining on the skin and simplified product formulations.

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