Lubrizol's Naturange: Coloring Hair Safely and Naturally

Lubrizol Naturange

Lubrizol Life Science-Beauty (LLS Beauty) announces the launch of its first sustainable hair color solution—Naturange, a selection of hybrid permanent hair color formulations crafted with up to 88% naturally derived ingredients.

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Naturange offers a solution for safe and nondamaging hair coloring with its combination of botanical extracts and naturally derived ingredients using Lubrizol’s sustainable proprietary technologies that provide color and gray coverage while preventing damage to hair.

Naturange falls at 88% on the Renewable Carbon Index and comes in four shades: Green Tea Black 2.0 Shade, Hawaiian White Ginger Brown 4.0 Shade, Hibiscus Flower Red 6.6 Shade and Chamomile Blonde 10.0 Shade

According to the company, the color lasts up to 20 washes. The Naturange formulations are free of ammonia, parabens, PPD and not formulated with resorcinol. All have a non-drip, creamy texture that is quickly absorbed into the hair for a moisturizing and conditioning benefit. No residue is left behind and hair is detangled while still wet.

“Now with Naturange, consumers have a hybrid permanent hair color plus treatment formula that creates long-lasting color, even on grays,” said Juliana Gomiero, global hair care marketing manager of LLS Beauty. “It also soothes hair and makes it smooth and soft.”

For more information, contact Lubrizol Life Science-Beauty.

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